The GraphQL eCommerce API

Forget about pre-built themes and limited APIs. Bootstrap your next store project with the first opensource GraphQL eCommerce boilerplate.

npm install -g graphql-cli prisma
graphql create my-commerce-app --boilerplate commerceql/commerceql
cd my-commerce-app
npm run dev
Set free from the cloud

No longer restricted by pre-built solutions with limited functionality.

Use just one endpoint

Forget the endless, versioned REST endpoints and use just one.

Make your own rules

With zero limitations, you can build your site the way you want it.

It’s super fast!

Using GraphQL means you only request data you need to power your view. Less payload.


You focus on building an awesome store, we’ll focus on building a kickass platform.

Relay or Apollo?

You choose. We offer both Relay and Apollo endpoints for your web or mobile app.

From zero to production-ready in minutes

Queries, mutations and subscription to run your eCommerce project.

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mutation {
    email: "",
    token: "tok_visa",
    currency: GBP,
    items: [{
      description: "T-Shirt",
      amount: 1250,
      quantity: 1,
      metadata: {
        size: "Large",
        colour: "Red"
    metadata: {
      shipping_address: {
        line_1: "123 Commerce Road",
        country: "United Kingdom"
  ) {